About our model

Austeja Kasakaitye is our fabulous model rocking MS CAMPBELL all over the web and we love her. We caught up with her in Barcelona and here’s what she had to say:
What do you love most about your job?
It gives me the opportunity to meet so many different, amazing and talented people! Everyday is different, sometimes quite unpredictable – I just love it!!

What’s your favourite piece from the Ms Campbell collection?

Love the vests – so comfortable and beautiful 🙂
Also, that’s one of my favourite pieces of clothing 🙂

Name 3 items you couldn’t live without?

Toothbrush, deodorant and a toothbrush haha
Fashion wise? – trainers, comfy jeans, big jumper:)

What is your top tip for anyone that wants to be a model?
Be interested in the industry, know your field. Stay yourself!! Have a good attitude, be professional:) 

What’s your favourite quote?
I’m a very sarcastic and quite a realistic person. One of my favourite authors is Albert Camus, he tackles existential questions. One of his quotes is my fav: ‘should I kill myself or should I have another cup of coffee?’

Spotlight: Magda – Glory of the Snow

At Ms Campbell, we’re all about celebrating every woman, which is why each month we love to have a quick chat with inspiring ladies. This month we caught up with Magda from Glory of the Snow.

Glory of the Snow blogger

In terms of trends, do you ignore, follow or mix things up?

I keep up to date with fashion trends, however I use them as an inspiration rather than a formula to follow. I pick and choose the elements I like from current trends and mix them up with my personal style. I would never wear something that I don’t like or I wouldn’t feel confident in, just because it’s currently in fashion.

What are your favourite trends for AW17?

This AW17 season, dark bewitching blooms are emerging as a key trend. A floaty dress with a dark floral pattern teamed with a leather jacket and slouch boots is a perfect outfit for a night out. And for daytime, a moody floral skirt with an oversized chunky knit and a pair of studded ankle boots is the way to go.

Red is the hottest colour of this season and we are talking all iterations of the hue and wearing it head-to-toe – the bolder the better! My favourite mixture is red and pink and I absolutely love red statement over-the-knee boots!

Glory of the Snow blogger

Best advice to someone aiming to enter the fashion blogger/influencer game?

There are so many fashion blogs these days and it’s hard to get noticed. The winning formula is to be unique, which means being yourself.  There is only one you in the world and that’s what makes you special and able to stand out.  I would also like to highlight the importance of taking good quality photos, networking and the social media presence, especially on Instagram.




What goes everywhere with you and why?

Sunglasses. Apart from the obvious eye protection against the sun, they are the ultimate street style accessory that adds chic factor to any outfit.

Portable charger. I am constantly on my phone. As a blogger there is so much to do all the time – emails, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Because of this my phone battery gets drained quickly and the portable charger allows me to carry on when I’m out and about.

Business cards. You never know when somebody will approach you saying they love your outfit, which is a perfect opportunity to spread the word about your blog. Or whilst doing a photoshoot, a professional photographer may spot you and ask you if you want to do a free one with them too! Both of these situations happened to me making me realise the importance of having business cards on me at all times.




What are your aspirations in the future?

In regards to my aspirations for the future, having attended London Fashion Week, I would love to go to New York, Paris and Milan as well in the coming seasons. I would also be interested in collaboration with some up-and-coming designers.

Check out Magda’s blog here.

Follow Magda on Instagram here.

Shop The New Drop At Ms Campbell

Hello new drop at Ms Campbell. We’ve been waiting for you.

The Ms Campbell essentials range has just expanded and we’re talking cute comfy leggings in three different colourways. You are welcome.

Ms Campbell leggings

Ms Campbell suedette leggings, £40

Ms Campbell leggings

Ms Campbell suedette leggings, £40

Ms Campbell leggings

Ms Campbell cropped leggings, £35

Leggings might bring less than stylish connotations of the eighties to mind, but push those thoughts to one side team, this year they’ve plotted their return and they’ve plotted it well.

You need to trust us girls, because everyone  and we mean everyone is rocking them right now. Gucci marched them down their runway for starters. Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Rihanna are all doing the leggings thing too and we think they’re onto something.

Bella Hadid in leggings
Credit: Instagram/Bella Hadid
Gucci leggings
Credit: Instagram/Gucci

Straight from sofa to daytime chic, the humble legging is an all round winner.

Wear yours with an oversized sweatshirt for relaxed sofa feels, a crop top and biker jacket to hit the shops, or under a dress or oversized tee for dinner a la Gucci – these leggings are your next wardrobe essential. Got it guys?

Shop the drop here.

Amber Davies Works It In Ms Campbell Dance Pants In New! Magazine

Amber Davies wearing Ms Campbell dance pants? Shut the front door. We’re so excited we’re giddy. And we’re so giddy we’re…well we don’t know but we’re just ecstatic, OK?

Amber Davies New! magazine
Amber in new! magazine wearing her Ms Campbell dance pants under her skirt

If you were born in this century you’ll be as obsessed with Love Island as us – which is why we’re chuffed to see our girl and show winner Amber getting in on the Ms Campbell action.

Dressed as Baby from Dirty Dancing here in new! magazine, she completed her look with a pair of our dance pants.  Can we hear a woop woop?

Amber Davies L
Amber with Ms Campbell founder Charlene

Amber’s officially part of the style squad. Are you next? Of course you are. Sign up to our newsletter here.

You can shop Amber’s pants here too. And you don’t have to dress up as Baby to don them. They’d look great on a night out under a sheer skirt to ensure you reveal just the right amount of skin.